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Jeg satte meg ned og skrev dette rett etter en ketamintrip. Den er på Engelsk fordi det faller meg naturlig å skrive på Engelsk.

I was removed from my body and transported to another place, where only energy can exist.
Three powerful energies, the creators of everything, showed me the significance of our universe.
It turns out we are a little pebble, stuck on something infinitely larger by happenstance. They do not even know much, or care much, about our universe.

I was shown a graphic display representing our importance, or this universes imoportance, to them.

I was in a large vat of dirty water, in a huge tank with a drain in the bottom. There were large amounts of filthy fluid being drained through.
There was a small algae-like growth on the side of the tank, i had not noticed it if they did not point my attention to it.

That is us. Happenstance, and in no way significant to the powers that create.

Then they took me back to the place that is not-here. The place of only energy, and white.

They worked together and tore me to pieces, to show me. I felt my spirit-being torn asunder and rearranged, kept in several places at once by their will.

They held me like this for a time to demonstrate, or to teach, that they really are the power, and we are nothing.

The power involved in ripping another energy to shreds, and then piecing it together, felt too much to properly put into words.

There was a parabola of light, in the energy world, but i don't remember what it meant.

They looked like balls of light when inactive, communicating. When they forcefully worked on me they changed shape to something more claw-like, like they grew appendages for the work, that receded when their ordeal was done.
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