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Phenazepam. Jeg vet ikke veldig mye om dette, men det har fortsatt RC status afaik. Dette stoffet har svært mange skrekkhistorier.

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Hello everyone. Thank you for your responses! To clarify any confusion, this happened almost five months ago, and I was in a PHP (partial hospitalization program) treatment group up until two weeks ago when I graduated. I am now receiving one-on-one therapy through my college (which I am back at, full time). Best wishes

I read all the horror stories regarding phenazepam before I purchased it. "Such irresponsible drug users," I thought to myself. My ex-boyfriend and I bought a gram of lab-tested, 99% pure, powdered phenazepam online in April 2013.

If you're not familiar with it, phenazepam is a benzodiazepine analogue. It exhibits similar effects. Anxiolytic, loss of inhibition, coordination issues, amnesia. It is ridiculously potent. In the above picture, there is the equivalent of 10,000 10mg Valium tablets. Not only that, but effects after sublingual dosing cannot be felt for at least one and a half hours, up to four. My ex and I both took around 3 hours. However, even then, we didn't really FEEL high. This made repeated-dosing seem like a great idea. To top it all off, we weren't weighing it. I read a post that recommended dipping a dry toothpick into the bag and placing it under the tongue. So that's what we did. Three times a day. Every day. For two weeks.
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Det gir sikkert en ganske heavy effekt, og er vanskelig å dosere da det er er over 100 ganger mer potent enn diazepam.
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